Falcons x DJ Hoodboi – Tick Tock(Free Download)

With the upcoming release of Falcons new EP coming at the end of this month, Falcons also did a collaboration with the unknown artist that goes by the name of DJ Hoodboi. DJ Hoodboi as I posted yesterday released his No (T-)Pain No Gain Compilation that gave a Jersey Club remix to T-Pain songs. This song is available as a free download on Falcons Soundcloud, … Continue reading Falcons x DJ Hoodboi – Tick Tock(Free Download)

No(T-)Pain No Gain Compilation

I recently saw this on my soundcloud feed today posted by Dj Hoodboi. No one knows who or where these Djs are from, they send these tracks anonymously to various blogs and disguise their IP addresses using Proxies making it impossible to know where they actually come from. This compilation is labeled as Slow Jersey, it includes five T-Pain tracks and you can download all their … Continue reading No(T-)Pain No Gain Compilation

Ginuwine – My Pony (Whitesquare Remix)

One of my favorite bass producers of 2013 comes back with another R&B throwback remixing Ginuwine’s “My Pony.” This remix is very minimal but has a very driven sound, the synth kind of reminds me of the track Flying Lotus did with Mac Miller called “SDS”. Theres no information yet if this will be a free download or not but follow his soundcloud page for … Continue reading Ginuwine – My Pony (Whitesquare Remix)