TEAM SUPREME Ticket Giveaway

Team Supreme will be taking over  El Rey Theater this Saturday in Los Angeles. Not only are they a Record Label but they also run a series of weekly beat cyphers that were started by Great Dane and Preston James. Each week a different producer picks a couple of samples and a BPM, and then each participating artist uses the parameters to make a beat. It’s … Continue reading TEAM SUPREME Ticket Giveaway

King Henry – We Know It (Team Supreme)

The Team Supreme crew has just been killing it since their establishing back in 2012.  As I am used to their more experimental releases, We Know It, is a lil’ more for the masses than the usual however, they still keep it true to the TS identity!!!  King Henry takes soundscapes that can get a bit saturated in the trap game and completely turns em’ … Continue reading King Henry – We Know It (Team Supreme)

Team Supreme – Vol.123

Man, I don’t even know where to begin on Vol.123….The soundscapes and beats generated based off the given rules, is just ridiculous!!!  This is deff. gonna get the cogs in that ol’ brain a-turnin’. -Roane This week’s rules and samples were provided by @goodnightcody BPM: 713 Rules: Make a beat at 713bpm only using sounds made by your body (voice, slapping, stomping, clapping, eating, etc.) … Continue reading Team Supreme – Vol.123