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TEAM SUPREME Ticket Giveaway


Team Supreme will be taking over  El Rey Theater this Saturday in Los Angeles. Not only are they a Record Label but they also run a series of weekly beat cyphers that were started by Great Dane and Preston James.

Each week a different producer picks a couple of samples and a BPM, and then each participating artist uses the parameters to make a beat. It’s a really cool concept that has featured Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba, and several other emerging electronic artists in its live competitions.

They used to host these at the Echoplex, but they’re bringing it to the El Rey and we want you to be there to experience it. We have partnered with Goldenvoice and we’ll be giving away tickets to this show plus many more thought out these next few months all you have to do is Sign Up below. Winner will be announced Friday at noon.

Tickets are still available: http://www.theelrey.com/events/detail/312051

King Henry – We Know It (Team Supreme)

King Henry - We Know It

The Team Supreme crew has just been killing it since their establishing back in 2012.  As I am used to their more experimental releases, We Know It, is a lil’ more for the masses than the usual however, they still keep it true to the TS identity!!!  King Henry takes soundscapes that can get a bit saturated in the trap game and completely turns em’ around.  This will be one I can deff. see getting played the f*ck out at all the festivals!!! -Roane


Team Supreme – Vol.123

Vol. 123

Man, I don’t even know where to begin on Vol.123….The soundscapes and beats generated based off the given rules, is just ridiculous!!!  This is deff. gonna get the cogs in that ol’ brain a-turnin’. -Roane

This week’s rules and samples were provided by @goodnightcody

BPM: 713

Rules: Make a beat at 713bpm only using sounds made by your body (voice, slapping, stomping, clapping, eating, etc.)

Artists on this week’s roster:
Misc. Friend 0:00 – @miscfriend
Ben Jamin’ 1:05 – @influencebeats
Night Trevors 1:48 – @night-trevors
Goodnight Cody 2:42 – @goodnightcody
PTravis 4:52 – @travisyee
Slow Graffiti 5:54 – @slow-graffiti
THRSHR 6:55 – @thrshrofficial
Mr MPH 7:54 – @mrmph
Nalepa 8:59 – @nalepa