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Silva Exclusive Mix: Arntre Radio #015


Arntre Radio drops it’s 15th episode today and we have the lovely Silva dropping a sixty minute exclusive mix. Silva, a Los Angeles based & Southern California native is a DJ, producer & radio personality. She is the Host of Future Factory which airs on the Discover channel on Dash Radio, and recently aired their 100th episode. She is also the host of  The Kickback which airs on the WAV media. Last week, she played Space Yacht along with a killer cast of all female producers and DJs on International Women’s Day.

Over the years she has gotten the opportunity to interview dozens of artists learning from their careers and gaining knowledge and insight into her own artistry. Silva has been around many different styles of music and cultures. With her broad-stroke view on popular culture, combined with her love of dance music both old and new, she takes her deep knowledge, innate instinct & infectious spirit to find what is next both as a show host and on the dance floor.

Silva perfectly conveys her sense musical of style in this 60 minute genre bending exclusive mix. You can check out her guest mix as well as any of our other previous episodes in the iTunes store by clicking the link below.


No(T-)Pain No Gain Compilation

avatars-000056947015-l5qrq2-t500x500I recently saw this on my soundcloud feed today posted by Dj Hoodboi. No one knows who or where these Djs are from, they send these tracks anonymously to various blogs and disguise their IP addresses using Proxies making it impossible to know where they actually come from. This compilation is labeled as Slow Jersey, it includes five T-Pain tracks and you can download all their tracks on Liveforthefunk’s website.



Ginuwine – My Pony (Whitesquare Remix)

avatars-000022819660-kdpmv0-t500x500One of my favorite bass producers of 2013 comes back with another R&B throwback remixing Ginuwine’s “My Pony.” This remix is very minimal but has a very driven sound, the synth kind of reminds me of the track Flying Lotus did with Mac Miller called “SDS”. Theres no information yet if this will be a free download or not but follow his soundcloud page for more good, free music.