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shortsIt’s Hot.  It’s breezy.  It’s new JSTJR, new AMB Beats, new DJ Mike R, new Moduloktopus, and new Peacethefvckout.  There is no way you could go wrong with this post playing while you soak up some tropical sun. Who knows, maybe if you play these previews on repeat, the artists might release them sooner..?  Either way, show these homeys some love.  Get your shortys on BAE.  Let’s Get Tropical.

Big things coming once again from the man called JSTJR on his latest, as posted on Soundcloud.  This guy is relentless with his productions, always bringing that tempo down so you can get your sexy party on, wherever you are (even the bus).  It sounds like Rasterhina and twerk had a baby, and named it ‘JSTJR – Party‘.  Heads are going to roll, and asses are going to drop to the ground when this comes out, no question about it.


The name of AMB Beats‘ latest song  says it all:  ‘Made In China‘.  A playful romp through a very newschool Chinese sounding melody, we can’t wait for the full version of this to drop.  It’s even got 808 drums like we like.  Right in line with that tropical trap vibe, the flute in this song really sets the whole thing off, and more than nicely.

 Oh, a pair of shorts wasn’t enough?  How about one more, and a fresh pair of full versions on the side.

For the last preview of the day, we head over to visit DJ MiKE R, and sample some sounds sourced from serious skill sets.  Tropical?  You know it.  From the beat on up to the monkey call, right to the second that synth lead hits, it’s nothing but spine hair tingling anticipation.  If you’re not already dead by the time the beat drops, you will be after.  Send this man a message, and tell him you want the full version A.S.A.P.

Our first full version comes to us from Moduloktopus, blending crazy pitched up vocals, Dembows, Dubstep, Breaks, and more, this tune is pure hype.  It’s reminiscent of old UK Hardcore songs and Juke, but definitely has more of a modern spin on it than anything else.  Not only is it hype as fuck by nature, IT HAS A SOLO.  When is the last time you heard a keyboard solo in a dance music track?  It feels like these guys are on to this whole renaissance thing, heavily.  Playful, free spirited, and a killer combination of fast and slow, this song makes us happy.


Wait tho…What day is it..?  IT’S MOOMBAHTON MONDAY.  In honour of that, PEACETHEFVCKOUT just (about an hour a go) put out a bad ass banger of a Moombahton beast.  That lead…Where have I heard a lead like that before..?  OH YEAH.  New life for a classic synth on this latest sonic offering from one of the dopest of the dope up and comers. All the artists we’re posting are, though, Obviously.


Don’t stop dancing, and stay tuned for next week’s edition!

You can always send a message over to tropicaluke@arntrela.com, and it’ll be answered quick fast.  Let’s talk tropical. 😉

Let’s Get Tropical: Breaking Baile Funk.

breaking baile funk

Ay.  Welcome back to Let’s Get Tropical, only on Arntre.  This week we’re exploring Baile Funk, and how it’s changing lately.

It’s a genre that’s getting a lot of attention lately, and we focus today on some fresh tracks (just posted this week) to further highlight how it’s progressed.

Not only are we breaking fresh tunes to you today, we’re Breaking Baile Funk.

SO, there’s your example of the attention it’s been getting.  A Breaking Bad theme remix.    Still not mainstream enough for you?


Here’s where shit gets crazy, and starts breaking up.  Leo Justi’s “Breach – Jack” remix takes it to another level entirely, giving us a Breakbeat soaked version, and calling it “Heavy Baile“.  One listen down his Soundcloud Page and you can see where he’s going with this.

That’s right.  Heavy Baile is now a thing.

The sound is heavy, gritty, tribal, and strong.  Breaking Baile Funk down to a classic feel makes it stand out (in a global sense), making it easy to blend into just about any other style.  MC Bob Rum – Rap Do Silva ( via Eu Amo Baile Funk) Does a great job of this, lending a Miami Bass feel to the sound.  Proof:

On that party feel, Dhalsim King does a great job of infusing Heavy Baile Funk with a club vibe on his remix of ‘Dev – In The Dark’.  Sexy, Dance worthy, and definitely Tropical.

Next and lastly, check out this Baile Funk/Tech House cross over joint.  Too good to turn down.  Battric & Mivu did something amazing with this song, blending classic Tech House sexiness and minimalism to a tropical song.


That’s it for this week!  Thanks for checking us out, and be sure to come back week for the next episode of Let’s Get Tropical.

If you have anything you would like to get featured, send an e-mail to misterluke@arntrela.com.  We love hearing from you.



Let’s Get Tropical: Banger. That’s a nice word.

The Banginest Bangers You Can Bang, From All Over The Planet.

Did we mention this shit can be heard banging around the world?  ‘Cos…

Today’s instalment of Let’s Get Tropical Is strictly for the hard core users of Global Bass vibrations.  Weird out, tune in, and saddle up.  It’s gonna get bumpy.  A lot of folks think of mellow, pussy-ass shit when they think “Global Bass”.  We’re here to show you that they are wrong.  Entirely.  While in the past Global music has been tagged as a homogeneous, opiated downer, times have changed.  Genres like Moombahton, Zouk, Favela Trap and more are popping up all the time lately, and with increasing frequency.  We at Arntre see this happening, and are coming at it with full support to these genre (and ground) breaking artists.



Check this Funk Carioca tune from the homeys Carlos Nunez & Kaio AC.  It comes in hard, trapped out, and dangerous.  Zap!

Whatever this next one is, it def. fits the criteria.  Tropical, and obviously a banger.  Wait…Was that a Hardstyle drop?  Oh, snap!  It’s Rathero!

And what would the world of Tropical/Global Bass be without the one, the only Mr. Neki Stranac.  Did someone say lasers?  PEW PEW!

Steezie Wonder Might just kill you with this one, like…#DEAD.  Footwork and Jungle are his specialty, and he’s here on Arntre now to show you why.  Get it.  Get it like you’re in a tropical jungle running from dudes with AK-47s.  Run, sucka!

And now, we get Tribal, by way of the good good 13th Tribe and The Apple Juice Kid.  How is it so conscious and hot at the same time?  Do yourself a favour: listen and find out.


As a little added bonus for getting to the bottom of the post, visit the store and use the promo code “TROPICAL” to get 20% off the price of anything in the store!  Don’t forget; if you want your sounds featured on Let’s Get Tropical, send ’em over to misterluke@arntrela.com