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LED Presents: Finger Lickin feat. Chuckie, Showtek, TJR, Pegboard Nerds, Ummet Ozcan

1501759_785963808086277_1459990874_nLED events had so much success with their OMFG NYE event at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo in Los Angeles last month, why not arrange another one since it is what all ravers, clubgoers, EDM lovers are just yearning for?  LED is kicking off a new music event with a seductive title named Finger Lickin.’  The Shrine was opened in 1926 and has hosted so many monumental events from the Grammys, the SAG Awards, and other major televised programs.  But, that is not what we really care about.  We care about where the lights, lazers, amplifiers, giant speakers, bass, beats, and amazing music are.  This venue can hold a large capacity of EDM fans that have already bought their tickets to an event that is definitely going to sell out. The lineup is impeccable with major headliners Chuckie and Showtek, and with immaculate opening music producers: TJR, Pegboard Nerds, and Ummet Ozcan.  It is taking place at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in Los Angeles and is set for February 16th, so save the date!

Chuckie (Clyde Sergio Narain) can already be described as a legend.  He is a native of the Netherlands and has been going strong since most young ravers/clubgoers were born. He has his own record label, which speaks for itself, ingeniously named Dirty Dutch Records.  Chuckie has produced so many innovative tracks that have been the setting stone for big music producers in the industry.  Chuckie focuses on genres mostly of electro house/Dutch house/progressive house, but that does not mean he does explore other genres. He has played at many massive EDM events, such as Tomorrowland and Electric Daisy Carnival, so we know Chuckie has a lot to bring to the table (or the turntables so to speak).

Showtek is comprised of a very influential Dutch duo consisting of two brothers, Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, who began producing music in 2001.  The two have been very experimental and very daring in the EDM genres they have chosen to work.  They became international DJs thanks to hardstyle being their initial plateau of success where Showtek had established themselves.  It was not until recent years they decided to expand their talents and work more with house and house subgenres.  They have shifted gears towards what EDM fans are more directed towards these days.  Chuckie and Showtek both have made it in the top 50 DJs in the world, so their finishing sets are going to be insane with heavy bangers and a compelling variety of tracks.

Ummet Ozcan is a Turkish DJ, but also is rooted from the Netherlands and is proficient in his Dutch house game.  However, he has dabbled in Trance as well, working with W&W, Armin van Buuren, Sander van Doorn, Tiesto and many more.  When Ozcan released his remix  “Pulsar” by Armin van Buuren it was heard all over every major music event and festivals.  Ozcan also made the top 100 DJ list in the world, so we know he is being identified by his true talent.

Pegboard Nerds is another duo on the lineup, consisting of Michael Parsberg and Alexander Odden, that are also from out of the US, but not from the Netherlands.  The two are Norwegian DJs that set foot on the scene in 2011 producing EDM that pertains to electro house and dubstep.  They both received an excessive amount of attention for their remix of “Make it Bun Dem” by Skrillex & Damian Jr. Gong Marley.  Therefore, if you are looking to get a little more of a dirty dubstep feel, these guys are definitely going to be sharing that at this event.

TJR (TJ Rozdilsky), an American music producer who is on board as one of LED’s signed artists, is also on the lineup.  TJR had his career really take off in 2010 and he is signed to Rising Records, owned by Chris Lake.  He became even more noteworthy as a music producer when his track, “Funky Vodka,” emerged in 2012 and reached #1 on Beatport.  And, let me tell you, this guy is funky.  He is unique in his technique in performance and in his groovy beats.  TJR is quite experimental with a variety of acid house/electro/progressive house sounds and heavy basslines.

Golden voice has taken over management at the Shrine with promoting/hosting many upcoming music events that you do not want to miss out on.  This event is holding an impressive amount of expertise and entertainment that is going to be finger lickin’ good.


-Sierra Mirghanbari

TJR Live at Havoc Thursdays (Yost Theater) 11/21 Review

1464769_706549279363898_1860214070_nThe Yost Theater implemented, yet again, another amazing club event with headliner, TJR (TJ Rozdilsky), thanks to the effort of White Rabbit Group.


The two opening DJs, Ninja Funk (John Paras and Steve Schuitt) and DJ Precept (Alex Castro), knew exactly how to rev up the crowd for TJR.  Ninja Funk threw down massive bangers to commence the party that was about to begin, as well as did Precept.  Ninja Funk jumped around and got the crowd moving with their opening set.  Precept got the crowd to really listen and feel the music with his articulate skills and heavy bass.  Club goers were already taking off their shirts and climbing on top of railings to utilize their amount of excitement (until security quickly asked them to get down).  Both Ninja Funk and DJ Precept were the perfect choices to open for the incredibly talented TJR.


TJR proceeded to maintain and advance the excitement and good vibes.  He spoke to the crowd just enough times to get a positive rise out of them, while also allowing the music to play so the crowd could get down to his funky beats and enticing tempos.  TJR included his big hits like “Ode to Oi,” “What’s Up Suckaz,” and “Ah Yeah” by Will Sparks (TJR remix), in his set.  TJR also played one of his new tracks exclusively for the Yost Theater that he will debut soon, so keep a look out for it.


TJR is not only known for having great talent as a music producer, but he also knows how to keep a crowd entertained in any situation.  At one point in the show, he was using the DJ equipment (provided by the Yost Theater), which included a CDJ that decided to create an error in TJR’s set.  While the stage management quickly tried to fix the issue, TJR used his humor as a tool to keep the crowd interested.  TJR explained the issue and that it was not his fault, while the crowd chanted his name and he decided to reply to the crowd humorously, “No, no, no. My name is Tiesto.”  Because of the sensation Tiesto has left on the EDM scene and the fact that Tiesto has become a mainstream DJ in EDM, I would assume TJR is politely making fun of the many EDM fans that choose to only follow the mainstream.  Therefore, TJR has proven he has the knowledge to deal with awkward situations and that the night should be lighthearted and all about having a good time.


Towards the end of his set, TJR also went back to his roots of DJing and started scratching (a turntablist technique), which contributed to the variety of his set.  The crowd could see how energetic and into the music TJR was, but it was backstage where the efficiency he put into his technique could be seen.  He is a DJ that is completely precise in his talent by moving rigorously to conduct the performance he wanted to create, while also being charismatic and enjoying the music being played as well.  The crowd kept moving and the Yost Theater stayed jam-packed until 2 A.M. when the show had to come to a close.  We can only expect TJR to continue to have a successful career and positive outcomes to proceed in his future with the original tracks and remixes he produces.


Ticket Giveaway : TJR in Orange County next Thursday

1453304_636365303053499_1467366338_n-1TJR (TJ Rozdilsky), music producer, is about to set foot in Orange County next Thursday (November 21st) at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA.  TJR has been in the EDM scene for a credible amount of time, but his career started to explode when he moved from Connecticut to Los Angeles in 2010.  He became even more eminent as a music producer when his track, “Funky Vodka,” emerged in 2012 and reached #1 on Beatport.  His success, as an uprising producer, has continued through his many original tracks/remixes and the many club/music events he has performed at.  This year, his original track, “What’s Up Suckaz,” also reached #1 on Beatport and TJR’s original track “Ode To Oi” has become extremely popular.  We can only expect his success to continue to flourish and his music to mesmerize his audience by ripping up the dance floor with his invigorating funky beats, a variety of acid/electro/progressive house sounds, and his heavy basslines at the Yost Theater on November 21st.

The 101-year-old Yost theater re-opened in 2011 and regained a reputation of high prominence with its modern renovations and captivating club events.  You really do not want to miss this event, not only because TJR is an amazing artist that puts on a hell of a show, but also because of the opening acts.  DJ Precept (Alex Castro) and Ninja Funk (John Paul Paras and Steve Schuitt) are the opening DJs for TJR.  Precept has performed at the Yost Theater numerous times and has opened for many popular music producers in the EDM scene, such as Deorro, Zomboy, Chuckie, Congo Rock, Crizzly, Borgore, Designer Drugs, Le Castle Vania, Nero, Proxy, Skrillex and etc.  Precept has been known to start the party in the right way with his energy and with his heavy bass, massive bangers, and a variety of popular tracks/remixes, as well as his own.  Ninja Funk has also played at Yost Theater and will bring a funky sound along with a variety of subgenres found within EDM.

Buy Ticket Here

We have a ticket give-a-way of two free tickets to this event at the Yost Theater (307 N. Spurgeon St., Santa Ana, CA, 92701) next Thursday (November 21st), so fill out your information below to win.  With TJR’s sharp sound, we can only expect the best and that he is going to make club goers ravish and rage to his set. Shout out to White Rabbit for making this happen.