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Let’s Get Tropical: Overdue Edition.


Sometimes, You Just Have To Go Out And Live.  Then There Are Those Times When All You Do Is Sit And Feel.  This Is One.

It’s been a crazy month for this writer, working 7 day weeks, and overtime daily.  Don’t worry, though!  We’ve got you covered for Tropical Bass vibes, still.  So.  Now that I’ve cleared the air, Let’s Get Tropical.  This edition is waaaaay overdue, so…How about 17 fresh tracks to make you twist yuh back?!  One from the Man they call StepOne, and 16 badass remixes from our homies Bacondo!  GET SOME.

Something something….LASERS.  PEW PEW!!!  This song is pure jokes, and even contains donald duck samples.  BUT I CAN’T STOP LISTENING!!!

What can I say about this next blast other than it’s fucking amazing.  16 big tunes dropping on your head, everything tropical.

Let’s Get Tropical: Zouk Bass, Floating Forward In A Murky Sea Of EDM.


Welcome back readers, to another edition of Let’s Get Tropical, right here on Arntré.  This week we go deep and bring you a more connected approach to electronic music. From regional rhythms to the originators, fabricators, and creators of a thing called Zouk Bass.

In a sea of no meaning, lost in bottle service based production, and adrift on the murky seas of EDM, Zouk Bass came out of nowhere, seemingly, and took the world by storm.  With it’s hard pounding drums, insane poly-rhythms (that make it sound slow and fast at the same time), other-worldly soundscapes, and open format, internationally known producers and DJs have had a hand in shaping what is arguably one of the most culturally diverse new genres out there today.

Wanna start in Russia?  Let’s Start in Russia.

Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Insane Fennel has been producing some absolutely monstrous Zouk Bass tunes, giving them the cold twist of a mohawked mad man on a mission to melt you…with bass.  On his latest offering (an official remix of Gabriel Rowano – Beastmode)    Over driven, stompy as Hell (if Hell were stompy), slow and fast at the same time, and a complete dance floor brain melter, he shows us what it’s all about.  This is a prime definition of the current evolution of the genre.

Next, we head over to the good ol’ U.S. of A. to showcase one mister Banginclude, livin’ in Brooklyn and producing the dopest dope of all bass music that is dope.

His Zouk tracks (among others) have become known, respected, and played out around the world, from Angola to L.A.  Why?  Let me answer that for you, via our friends at Club Popozuda, who recently hosted a massive mixtape from our main man.  One listen through is enough to let you know that this is a producer on the rise.

Meanwhile, in France, what started as a ripple has become a wave.

Pushing that wave, making it crest is Ahef.  More than that, this guy is up on top of a wave he helped create, hanging ten on the front of his board.  It’s a rare Let’s Get Tropical where you’ll see more than one DJ mix in the same post, but when it’s the kind of mix that gets put on FM radio in New Zealand (on The Ghetto Electric Sessions) as a result of its level of awesome, it’ll happen.  Check him out, and prepare to be Zouked…Among other tropical things.

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Let’s Get Tropical

Lets get Tropical Image post copy

This week on Let’s Get Tropical, we head to Brasil to explore what’s new, and funk the funk down.

What if I told you Brazilian Bounce was a thing, and its dope as fuck?

Taking a cue from the Australians, Brazilian producers have begun to put their own vibes down on the Bounce scene, and the resonance is strong.  Kustomiz3d dropped a prime example on his remix of Beatz Projekted – Speaking Trap, as seen below.  All the elements are there, this track sounds like it’s right at home deep in the heart of Brasil’s underground party scene.

And what the fuck is good.  SCNDL – The Munsta, a huge Melbourne Bounce track getting re-mixed by Brotherhoods.  That’s what’s good, without any doubt.  Producing only the finest in Brazilian Bounce, if you wanna learn how to bounce the bounce Brazilian, press play on the track, and prepare to be slain.

Bounced out yet?  Let’s explore the genre=less/multi-genre’d realm of music at 100 Beats Per Minute, and go get our Sugar Crush on.  Is it Glitch Hop..?  Twerk..?  Drum & Bass..?  We’ll let you decide.  Let this track be your weakness, and let your weakness be perfect.


Got time for one more?  Let’s end it on a funky note.  This Baile Funk Banger is so grooved out, deep, and upbeat.  BRB learning foreign languages for dance music purposes.  With tracks like this dropping, there is no other option. Sany Pitbull & Dj GrandMaster Raphael do an amazing job on their latest for Na Bathalda.

Stay tuned!  Next week we’ve got the finest selections, and all the secret sauce to get your set swingin’.

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