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Trap n’ BASS – ed.8

Trap n Bass-ed

What’s up everyone and welcome back to our 8th edition of Trap n’ BASS!  I’ll apologize ahead of time for my lackluster in energetic audial analysis.  I tried battling with insomnia, and the b*tch won.  Alright though, I know y’all didn’t check in just to hear about my sleeping habits……..ONCE again, Dee W.,  has got a nice lil’ variety, going from future bass/trapstyle conjured up by the one called,  BLVCK, and into some 8-bit heavy 808’s from Goon Bags.  Then to bring things back around, we have a B E A UT of a remix from, Hudson Mohawke.  Lastly, to tie this present up, why not go out with a bang?!  Dirty Monkey and Jantsen, produced one nasty little bugger of a twerker-beat.  

This edition deff. is going to have a wee bit of context for everyone, or so  hope haha.  Grab the free releases, sit back and Njoy or throw em out on a set and let us know how it went…….Until later crew!!!  –Roane


Love Story
yyyyyyyBlvck’s soundcloud account is a trap paradise and his newest edition to the page is Love Story. Very dark, emotional and bass heavy, which seems to be trademark for the 18 year old Netherlands native. This track will certainly have you in love with the trap.

Goon Bags
Invaders is a video game inspired melodic trap masterpiece. No effect is wasted, every sound plays a very important part to the track as a whole and might I add this would be a sick ass song to race to on Forza Motorsports.

Maxx Baer
Rethink (Hudson Mohawke Chimes rmx)
Super producer Maxx Baer put his spin on Hudson Mohawke’s “Chimes”, a track you may recognize  as the song used for Apple’s  latest MacBook ad. More melodic in sound as opposed to the original and is much lighter on the bass, which surprisingly worked out due to some beautiful vocal work bringing a much more ambient sound to track as well as a nice synth variation. Awesome trade off, awesome “re – think” of the original.

Jantsen & Dirt Monkey
Break it Down
If you find yourself dj’ing a party or an event and you can’t seem to get people moving on the dance floor, Break it Down is the solution. Absolutely infectious tune that is sure to be the background music to many a twerk video. Thanks Gentlemen!

Trap n’ BASS – ed.7

Trap n Bass-ed.7


   Hey hey y’all and welcome back to our glorious 7th edition of,  Trap n BASS.  Once again our boy, Dee W., is bringing in the heaters, so prep yourselves!!!  
   Lets start things off with Eden, constructed by Born | Music\BLVCK .  “When the trap and it’s father genre of hip hop, come together on harmony it is simply sublime. This track by Born I Music, is nothing short of great, excellent production by BLVCK. Every bar of both verses is a quotable and the arabic sampling is divine. This is why we love music. The biggest of ups given for Eden” -Dee W.
   Up next DW drops a colossal bass beauty with Jump by Tomsize and Simeon. “While festival season may be coming to a close with the ending of summer, festival trap is still in full effect as made very apparent by Jump! Complete audiotistic, kinetic energy, you will find it difficult to stand still during any portion of this trapseter-piece, press play and jump fool!” -Dee W.  This guy right here (Dee) knows about energy, that’s for sure!  
   We’re gonna keep this audial agenda trucking along with this next beast, Return by Sevnty.  “Return is a bouncy track with undeniable head banging qualities, from start to finish.  Snares and chords mesh together throughout, wrapping up an ambient but still knocking bassline. This is a speaker breaker for sure!”  -Dee W. 
   Oh man, last but NOT LEAST…..we have, Wario’s Castle by Ozzie.  “Super Mario meets the trap, in UK hit man Ozzie’s new banger, Wario’s  Castle.  It takes us all back to a simpler time while spinning it so filthy in true trap fashion. This track will be one of the few bangers off of his freshly released Regime EP, don’t sleep!”  -Dee W.
   Alright you heard it from the man, now give em’ a listen and reach out to us and give some feedback on what you think is going on in the trap/trapstyle game & where it’s heading….I’ll see y’all back tomorrow for Future Friday-Roane

Trap n BASS – ed.6

Trap n Bass-ed.6

Alright alright alriiiiiiight and welcome back to our 6th edition of,  Trap n BASS.  Our boy, Dee W., held sh*t down ONCE AGAIN and is droppin’ y’all off with some massive trapstyle bangers!!!  We’re gonna start things off across the pond with, Take/Five, and show what the UK has got pushin’ through.  Then we are all gonna head back home and land off in the good ol’ South with, Riot Ten.  Both releasing these dangerous festival tracks that will even get the hardstyle enthusiast moving.  Flying our way up to NY, Notixx shows us that the East Coast is no laughing matter and holds it own!  Lastly, we’re gonna touch back home to our glorious LA and hit y’all with, F3tto.  All just massive festival releases, just goes to show that there is sooooo much talent out there that deserves the attention we drop on some of these “larger djs.”  I’ll see y’all tomorrow for our postponed Future Friday<3 -Roane
Take/Five – Loco
Deep, low bass, high pitched synths, snare infused build ups ending in a miraculous drop was the recipe for this track and it tastes great. Loving the lil jon voice overs as it adds to the crazy energy of this tune, truly living up to it’s title.
Riot Ten – Quake
In love with this song and the hybrid style of sounds put into it. I can’t say enough about the first minute or so as it keeps taking you higher and higher, faster and faster, before dropping you into an oblivion of trap heaven. If you are pregnant or struggle with any heart conditions, stay away from this tune, it just may kill ya.
Notixx – Gotta Get Down
Gotta get down is a bouncy trap track with an underground grime feel that’s hits ya right in the gut. Feeling the progressive style, a little different for the normal 16 bar/drop signature in trap tunes and it is done quite well in this instance. Loving the dark voice sampling, accents the tune perfectly, great piece of work by Notixx
F3tto – Put Ya Hands Up
This track right here is flat out exciting. The anticipation building intro leading into an ambient couple of bars before delving into a synth symphony drop is nasty! Feeling the snares worked into the sequences and the constant flipping of tempo keeps your ears waiting for the next turn of events. When F3tto tells you to put ya hands up, you listen!