The Jersey Club Phenomenon

Newark, New Jersey is the hub of the rich dance culture known as Jersey Club. Drawing from the genre’s roots in Baltimore Club and hip-hop, Jersey godfathers DJ Tameil, DJ Tim Dolla and Mike V’s label Brick Bandits helped pave the way for artists like Nadus, DJ Sliink, Uniiqu3, Brenmar, Trippy Turtle, Hoodboi and more to bring the sound to bigger crowds and venues throughout … Continue reading The Jersey Club Phenomenon

Trippy Turtle Live at HARD Summer 2014

Trippy Turtle is one of todays most innovative club artists in the dance music scene. After his debut single “Trippy’s Theme” on Mad Decent, and his massive remix of Ed Sheeran’s “SING”, reaching over 800,000 plays, Trippy Turtle puts Jersey Club on the map. His collaboration with DJ Sliink, remixing Chris Brown’s “Loyal”, has gotten’ ┬álots of love from club djs world wide. Its all … Continue reading Trippy Turtle Live at HARD Summer 2014