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Pick of the Week 0022

After a little bit of a hiatus, Arntre is back for it’s 22nd installment of Picks of the Week, featuring some of the freshest tracks on soundcloud. We feature these tracks in a playlist on our Soundcloud account, so make sure to follow us on there. This installment, we are featuring a variety of artists from across different genres. Some of the tracks will be recent releases & some might be a little bit older releases, we have had 9 months since our last Picks of the Week.

This edition on Pick of the week includes some house and bass music tracks. The first one comes from a house music artist that goes by the name of Neon Steve. Drop them beats is a fire house track & he has some killer mixes out there as well. Blankface, one of the rising stars of dubstep recently dropped a new track ‘Digital Face’ as a gift to his fans. He has been touring hard the past year and has been making a steady name for himself. The next track is another house banger from Sinden & Hotfire called ‘Twiddle.’ Next up, we have a track from an amazing Canadian producer who has taken the scene by storm this last year. Whipped Cream shows her style in her track ‘FTP’ and has been rinsing it out across festivals this past summer. She is definitely on the rise & look for her potential to one day end up on the billboard charts. Lastly, we have another track in from Canada. The Funk Hunters remix of Big Gigantic’s track ‘Got the Love.’ A funky down tempo bass track that has a lot of grove in it.
Thanks for joining us on this edition of Picks of the week. #POTW022

Shambhala 2017 Lineup Revealed


Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, located on the Salmo River near Nelson, BC lies one of the most unique music festivals in the world. Shambhala music festival is a wonderful place filled with adventure. This year will be the 20th anniversary of this music festival located on the Salmo River Ranch & has one of the best vibes a music festival can offer. Have you ever wanted to live in a music festival for a week in the forrest in the middle of no where? This is your chance.

There is so much that makes this festival unique from the people that attend to the atmosphere to the music. Artists create truly unique sets for the party. You can see your favorite artist any where in the world, but you will see a unique set tailored to the Shambhala vibe. With 5 uniqe stages, each offering a different style. Some even change as the sun goes down.


The camping is primo, you have options of camping in different areas. You can camp out in the open or back in the woods for more privacy, some even camped on the river. Festival goers build wonderful and amazing camps. Last year I stayed in Camp Stranger Danger which is a unique experience in itself. It is a camp organized for solo attendees, couples, or anyone who doesn’t have a large group to go in already.  Inclusion is everything when it comes to Shambhala. Once you decide you need a break from the music, you can always head back to camp and find some smiles. The amount of positive vibes littered through the forrest. Smiles for miles and dancing spirits everywhere. People traveled from as far away as Australia.

With the release of today’s phase 1, who are you most excited to see? We see our home girl Whipped Cream will be playing. Some others, that I am personally excited to see (yes Arntre will be at Shambhala this year) are Chali 2na & the Funk Hunters, Rezz, Space Jesus, SkiiTour, Defunk, Pendelum, DJ Craze, Kill the Noise & Stickybuds.

Let us know if you will be attending this year! Happy Shambs!


Whipped Cream – FTP

Released this morning, Whipped Cream drops another original production. Premiered on Nest HQ, FTP is an experimental bass track that breaks all the rules and takes a lot of risk, but it works. She has developed a unique sound for her style and has really come into her own, a pioneer of sorts. Give this track a listen if you are looking for something fresh and new to ad to your playlist.