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The Cut: More Meat, Less Fat

The Cut: More meat, Less Fat
The Cut: More meat, Less Fat

There are many tracks out there that are hidden by the fat of less delicious tracks. As a part-time butcher of music discovery(and meat in real life), I will cut out the fat and show you the freshest cuts of meat (tracks) in this new segment we call “The Cut”. We will feature all kinds of cuts ranging from Bass, House, and downtempo vibes. 


The first track on our list is a remix by Calvin Harris and features a Deep House element that makes this cut a funky and bouncy track. The deep bassline really guides the track along and makes for an awesome House track.

This next track is a release on Medium Rare Recordings (kinda fitting for this article) and the track is just filthy and heavy. Its on some dark house vibes with heavy bass synths and intricate percussions all mixed in.

Another aggressive song with house elements and electro vibes.

Yookie really killing it with the music and this latest track is like something from a horror movie. Really nostalgic bass sounds similar to the dubstep duo 16BIT from back in the golden dubstep days.

Ok, so mostly everything is bass driven in this article, but thats fine because this Future Bass track gives you some next level bass waves and synths that compliment this remix of Post Malones I fall Apart



Dog Blood – CHELLA RIDE (YOOK!E’s 100 Bpm Edit)

qGJ58bjYooki!es edit of dogbloods “chella ride” is a deceiving track; intros in as a nice tempo’d dance track turns into a wicked slap of ratchet banger within seconds. The transition from calm trap to bass thumper is perfect as this one is sure to set off some car alarms while cruising the boulevard. Only the twerkers and the twerk lovers need apply to this one, as no wallflowers will be able to handle the beat of this drum. Turn up the volume motherfuckers, lets get down.


-Dee Wash