Thursday, December 24th, 2020

Exclusive Mix #069 featuring Magda Halina

In the heart of Hollywood, the Arntre Radio #ExclusiveMixShow, airs on Dash Radio‘s Electro City Channel every Thursday night at 9:00pm West Coast time, Midnight on the East Coast. Hosted by Soulventure, it’s a mix show that also features an interview part giving listeners a chance to get insight to the music industry & as well as their favorite artists.

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Mix Show Artists

EMS068 featuring Horge

EMS067 featuring RUMPUS

EMS066 featuring SiLVA

EMS065 featuring El Monk

EMS064 featuring Kaishi

EMS063 featuring Wires

EMS062 featuring Westend

EMS061 featuring Lee Wells

EMS060 featuring Arnold & Lane

EMS059 featuring Type3

EMS058 featuring Sebastian Knight

EMS057 featuring Bot

EMS056 featuring JWLS

EMS055 featuring Alex Amaro

AR054 ** 3 Year Anniversary Special**

EMS053 featuring MK Ultra

EMS052 featuring Fantom Freq

IMG_1604 EMS051 featuring Albzzy

IMG_0944 EMS050 w/ NIQW

IMG_8444 EMS049 w/ Crash Party

IMG_8344 EMS048 w/ Uknew

IMG_0619 EMS047 w/ Soulventure

IMG_0875 EMS046 w/ Qlank

img_7187 EMS045 w/ Eric Mark

  EMS044 w/ Bones

IMG_1972  EMS043 w/ Qdup

ARNTREradio2019042 EMS042 w/ TLX

IMG_1466 EMS041 w/ Manolo

IMG_1453  EMS040 w/ Sir Real

IMG_1017 AR039 w/ TK Vicious

IMG_0844 AR038 w/ Isenberg

IMG_0673 AR037 w/ Dances w/ White Girls

IMG_0519  AR036 w/ Garneau

IMG_0141 AR035 w/ Fight Clvb

IMG_2698 2 Year Anniversary Special

Podcast Cover_033  AR033 w/ HVNT

IMG_1997  AR032 w/  Sweater Disco

IMG_1811  AR031 w/ Candl

IMG_1591  AR030 w/ Eflorem

img_1292 . AR029 w/ Teez

img_1206   AR028 w/ Chrome Mamí

podcast cover_027  AR027 w/ Charles Meyer

Podcast Cover_026  AR026 w/ Camilla Fabb

img_0619  AR025 w/ Mèlay

Podcast Cover_024 AR024 w/ Uniiqu3

NATUREreleaseparty AR023 w/ Astronomar

IMG_3316 AR022 w/Sparkee 

Podcast Cover_021 AR021 w/ Hi$to

Podcast Cover_020 AR020 Candl & EOE

Podcast Cover_019 AR019 w/ GHSTGHSTGHST

Podcast Cover_018 AR018 w/ R3LL

Podcast Cover_017 AR017 w/ Arsnl

Podcast Cover_016 AR016 w/ MRNG

Podcast Cover_015 AR015 w/ Silva

Podcast Cover_014 AR014 w/ CLB

Podcast Cover_013 AR013 w/ Von Kiss

Podcast Cover_012 AR012 w/ Ca$h Bandicoot

Podcast Cover_011 AR011 w/ PENNYWILD

Podcast Cover_010 AR010 w/ 2Deep

Podcast Cover_009 AR009 w/ Jesse Slayter

Podcast Cover_008 AR008 w/Akira Akira

Podcast Cover_007 AR007 w/ Hybrid Theory

Podcast Cover_006 AR006 w/ DuckworthSound

Podcast Cover_005 AR005 w/ Jakkz

Podcast Cover_004 AR004 w/ Trill Zilla

Podcast Cover_003 AR003 w/ Kaishi

Podcast Cover_002 AR002 w/ Albzzy

Podcast Cover_001 AR001 w/ D-Dots