Exclusive Mix Show

September 24th, 2020

9:00pm PST on Dash Radio

Exclusive Mix #062 featuring Westend

Arntre Exclusive Mix Show, airs on Dash Radio‘s Electro City Channel. Hosted by Soulventure, it airs every Thursday at 9:00 pm on the West Coast; 12:00 am on the East Coast. It’s an hour long mix show that also features an interview part giving listeners a chance to get insight to the music industry & as well as their favorite artists.

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Mix Show Artists

AR061 featuring Arnold & Lane

AR059 featuring Type3

AR058 featuring Sebastian Knight

AR057 featuring Bot

AR056 featuring JWLS

AR055 featuring Alex Amaro

AR054 ** 3 Year Anniversary Special**

AR053 featuring MK Ultra

AR052 featuring Fantom Freq

IMG_1604 AR051 featuring Albzzy

IMG_0944 AR050 w/ NIQW

IMG_8444 AR049 w/ Crash Party

IMG_8344 AR048 w/ Uknew

IMG_0619 AR047 w/ Soulventure

IMG_0875 AR046 w/ Qlank

img_7187 AR045 w/ Eric Mark

  AR044 w/ Bones

IMG_1972  AR043 w/ Qdup

ARNTREradio2019042 AR042 w/ TLX

IMG_1466 AR041 w/ Manolo

IMG_1453  AR040 w/ Sir Real

IMG_1017 AR039 w/ TK Vicious

IMG_0844 AR038 w/ Isenberg

IMG_0673 AR037 w/ Dances w/ White Girls

IMG_0519  AR036 w/ Garneau

IMG_0141 AR035 w/ Fight Clvb

IMG_2698 2 Year Anniversary Special

Podcast Cover_033  AR033 w/ HVNT

IMG_1997  AR032 w/  Sweater Disco

IMG_1811  AR031 w/ Candl

IMG_1591  AR030 w/ Eflorem

img_1292 . AR029 w/ Teez

img_1206   AR028 w/ Chrome Mamí

podcast cover_027  AR027 w/ Charles Meyer

Podcast Cover_026  AR026 w/ Camilla Fabb

img_0619  AR025 w/ Mèlay

Podcast Cover_024 AR024 w/ Uniiqu3

NATUREreleaseparty AR023 w/ Astronomar

IMG_3316 AR022 w/Sparkee 

Podcast Cover_021 AR021 w/ Hi$to

Podcast Cover_020 AR020 Candl & EOE

Podcast Cover_019 AR019 w/ GHSTGHSTGHST

Podcast Cover_018 AR018 w/ R3LL

Podcast Cover_017 AR017 w/ Arsnl

Podcast Cover_016 AR016 w/ MRNG

Podcast Cover_015 AR015 w/ Silva

Podcast Cover_014 AR014 w/ CLB

Podcast Cover_013 AR013 w/ Von Kiss

Podcast Cover_012 AR012 w/ Ca$h Bandicoot

Podcast Cover_011 AR011 w/ PENNYWILD

Podcast Cover_010 AR010 w/ 2Deep

Podcast Cover_009 AR009 w/ Jesse Slayter

Podcast Cover_008 AR008 w/Akira Akira

Podcast Cover_007 AR007 w/ Hybrid Theory

Podcast Cover_006 AR006 w/ DuckworthSound

Podcast Cover_005 AR005 w/ Jakkz

Podcast Cover_004 AR004 w/ Trill Zilla

Podcast Cover_003 AR003 w/ Kaishi

Podcast Cover_002 AR002 w/ Albzzy

Podcast Cover_001 AR001 w/ D-Dots


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