Critically acclaimed and visionary production trio, The M Machine, is set to release the follow up to Metropolis Pt. 1, their dystopian city concept album. Metropolis Pt. 2 extends stylistically from the debut EP but as always with The M Machine it’s about evolving to become something bigger. Each song on the 6-track EP hits harder, races faster and soars higher than one can seemingly imagine. It’s a showcase of the sheer power of electronic music, from its punishing brute strength to the euphoric reflex triggered by its sprawling cinematic imagery.

With this release, The M Machine prove that electronic music is infinite. The massive dubstep opener, “The Palace,” with it’s graceful piano intro, flaring synths and driving bass sets the stage for the epic thrill ride that is Metropolis Pt. 2. With vocal-driven synth-pop tracks “Ghosts In The Machine” and “Tiny Anthem”, the blistering fast “Moon Song,” the aggressively raw “Schadenfreude”, and the ascendant finale “Luma” which encompasses everything M Machine into one final track, it’s an adrenaline rush of an EP that will have you gasping for breath on the other side.


(Just click on the song and the download will begin)

The M Machine – Moon Song | The M Machine – Schadenfreude |

|The M Machine – Luma | The M Machine – The Palace 

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