Interview w Bvnkz, from Madrid + 30min Exclusive Mix


If EDM has taught us anything, it is that talent has no borders, and nothing brings people together better than good music. We at Arntrela are all about upcoming artists from not just our home in Los Angeles, but all over the world. We recently got a chance to speak with Guille Bvnkz, and up and coming Producer from Madrid, as he enlightens us on his influences, how he got his start and what we can expect from him in the future. He was also kind enough to give us an exclusive mix in which we have made available to you guys! From Spain to Cali, EDM is everything! Enjoy!

  1. Please start us off by telling us where you’re from, and how you got your start in EDM

-Hi! I’m a Trap producer from Madrid (Spain) At the age of 13 I began listening electronic music like afrojack, sidney samson, nicky romero (Spinnin records style), so I decided to get the fruity loops studio software and started making my own songs using  the same leads as the aforementioned producers. For the past 4 years I’ve been making dutch house and moombahton, but last year, I decided to slow down the BPM, mix the dutch house leads with Trap and moombahton , and start making this kind of ”Twerk music”.

  1. How would you describe your music, and what software/equipment do you use?

-The only word that could describe my music is TWERK. I’m really a huge fan of Trap beats and Moombahton, so I decided to mix them and make this kind of ”bouncy” trap music. Nowadays I make this music with my laptop and a pair of headphones, but I’m ”creating” my first studio and I hope I will finish it at the end of this month.

  1. What are your favorite sounds to hear in a song, as well as use on your own tracks

-I like to use different kind of percussions like the styles heard in ‘Ball so Hard’ by Hucci & Stooki Sounds, but the thing that makes your song better is using sounds that no one has used it before, or take a quote or something from a famous song or film and make a song with it like ‘Psycho’ by GRX & Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux. Those things makes the crowd crazy.

  1. What projects do you have currently available and what future projects can we expect from you?

-I just released some free songs ‘Everybody Bounce’,  ‘Get Drunk’ and ‘Waticonteia’ with my friend ‘Noize’. Now I’m working on a song called ‘The Game” with ‘Haypex’ who is a spanish producer and making a remix of ‘Mentirosa’ made by ‘Creepy Microwaves’ who are a great producers and I really recommend their music. Mob Barley is one of the favorite songs I’ve made so far, It’s a mix between reggae and twerk.

  1. What separates your music from other producers within the genre?

-I mix Moombahton, dutch house and trap in the same songs making my own kind of Trap music, which is bouncier than the other kind of trap. This ‘twerk’ music is not made by many artist so I also think is a good idea to start making this trap music before it gets too ‘popular’.

I want to say thanks to Arntrela for giving my this opportunity to show my music on their site and for all the friends and producers who support me.

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