Trap Thursday: Stooki Sound, $yrup, Syz, Gents and Jawns x Antiserum x Mayhem

TTThis weeks Trap Thursday features four artist who genuinely deserve some recognition for their work. Anyone I missed? Email me ( your track, for your chance to get featured on next week’s post.


London’s UK Trap and Bass Duo Stooki Sound dropped their newest track “Shrooms”, and with their proper use of synth drops, you just might feel like you’re on a trip of some kind! The use of bass for this tune is the kind to set off car alarms when you’re driving by and will wake your roommates up if played before 10am. Great piece of work by Dj Lukey and Jelacee, showing us what UK Trap is all about


Wavvy is a tune that can be used as a blueprint for making trap music. Grimey vocals to start to it off with a bell ridden drop that will give you the chills. Close your eyes and listen to this song and you can easily envision what it’s like to be in a trap house. $yrup really embodies the fundamentals of what makes a good trap record as it it is dirty, hard, rugged and generally just makes you want to either dance or mob to it. Big up to the homie $yrup!
Cream Collective rookie Syz is wasting no time getting his hands dirty in the trap game. “Indigo”, fresh off his new Roses EP, is a calm trap slow tune with such precise use of snare drums coupled with some really mean vocal samples. The contrast between the ambience of the beat and the thuggish voice overs mesh perfectly to complete this track. Check out the entire EP and give Cream Collective’s newcomer a warm welcome to the trap!
Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 11.43.00 PM
In what sounds like a 300 type of battle scene on a track, where have you been is a mosh pit trap tune only for those who like their music hard fast and heavy. This collab by Gents and Jawns x Antiserum x Mayhem is a lose your mind type of track with plenty of energy and high tempo. We want more trap music like this and if you’ve been wondering where it’s been, well, here ya go.

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