Coyote Kisses – Sunny Day (Paperwater Remix)

Less than six months ago, LA based duo Coyote Kisses made waves with their atmospheric jammer “Sunny Day.” Funky and ethereal, the tune was perfect for lazy days signaling the start of spring. It was also the perfect foundation to get build something really creative on, and that’s exactly what electronic music act Paperwater has done. 

The Miami-duo’s recent remix takes “Sunny Day” to a deeper, earthier place. Notes plucked from a Japanese shamisen lend the tune a beautifully exotic flavor while warm and slow rolling beat sequences add a lush, underwater feel. 

“When we first heard Sunny Day, we loved the overall vibe it gave off and how it put us in a great mood, so naturally we wanted to make a version that reflected the not so Sunny Days that everyone has once in a while.”
This “Sunny Day” is mellow, pensive and dreamy. It ebbs and flows like an ocean tide, and swirls around the listeners mind like mist. It is, by all respects, something to get lost in.

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