Picks of the week 0023


First up we have a track from Phlegmatic Dogs that is an absolute dancefloor heater, coming fully equipped with heavy basslines, banging drums and a drop that just slaps you after that catchy sample”featherlight.. my guns shots will make you levitate”.

secondly, we have a release from Main Cours straight off Snacks Vol 17, Chris Bushnell is nonetheless than impressive with his original “Whistler”. This track is almost guaranteed to get any party moving.

Next up, producer duo Vices bring the club heat with their remix of Javascript’s “Hottt”. You can also check out the complete remix ep out on One Eight Hundred.

This next track is a remix from Argentinian producer Dabow that somewhat has a moombahton feel to it with its drum pattern but, the tempo is a slightly more upbeat. Needles to say this track is still a banger.

Lastly, we have this unique trap style tune from New Zealand producer T1R that has crazy 808’s that just slaps.

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