MBTMAnother edition of Moombahton Monday is here and this one is a Home Run edition. Some people say that the Moombahton era has passed or has faded but I beg to differ. The scene is now filled with amazing talent and those that have been loyal to the movement still deliver 108%. This may not be one of the big trendy BPM’s at the moment, but you can’t lie to me and say that the Moombah don’t make you move. I leave you with an array of tunes that are circulating the internet right now. Enjoy the sweet sound of Moombahton and just a little reminder from me…………. “MOOMBAHTON NEVER DIES”


Starting things off with the homies Locomotive & Happy Colors. This tune is not only for you es Pa’To Oh El Mundazo.


Naybr brings you that Calaca Moombahton for your ears.


A Club Banger from Dj Duro.


The homie Chong X going in on this Biggie Bounce Edit.


These guys have been on their A game for a minute now. Check out Suave by the Mambo Killers.


The title on the track says it all ” The Greatest”. Shout out to the homie Ricky Vaughn.


Some soul vibes from Mohntee…… How I miss this sound,


Neki adds that Moobahton vibe to We Run The Night.


That’s the WAY WE LIKE………Moombahton, some heavy tunes from the homie D-Dots!


Some new MOOM MOOM from Milo & Otis coming out soon!!


Dj Dago goes Moombahton with this Head Band Bootleg.


An Original Moomabahton exclusive from Dj Lockie x Stromae.


TURBiine unloads a hard Momnbah tune with Mirate  Mami feat CiOnDaddy.


Avoid Taking EDM and enjoy this great tune from Cuboid.


The Hometown homie  Monsieur-Manuel leaves you some Moombahton goodies with his Taka EP.


Pack it up Pack it in let the Moombah begin. Jump Around- Marco Villarroel bootleg.


Some crazy Jungle Terror with a pinch of Moombahton brought to you by Mr. Jungle Terror himself WIWEK.


Ending the post with my pick of Moombahton tune of the year, I know the year isn’t over but this tune is huge. Enjoy this crazy remix by the “Moombahton King” Ricky Vaughn.





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