Yellow Claw & Yung Felix – No Flex Zone

Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - No Flex Zone

The Danish-trio is back at it with, yet again, another huge festival trap release – NO FLEX ZONE!  Chopped the f*cked-up vocals, booming kicks, and a couple of leads that carry this audibly addicting energy to em’.  The first drop is good and gets that bump-n-grind feel starting, but that 2nd/3rd drop doh!!!  Energy just gets amped and I can just see the crowd wylin’ out on this.  Even better, TIS FREEEEEE.  Enjoy fam. -Roane 

“This track was stuck in our heads for weeks. We just had to do this. Free download for the streets.  Shoutout to Rae Sremmurd.” -Yellow Claw

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