Let’s Get Tropical: Banger. That’s a nice word.

The Banginest Bangers You Can Bang, From All Over The Planet.

Did we mention this shit can be heard banging around the world?  ‘Cos…

Today’s instalment of Let’s Get Tropical Is strictly for the hard core users of Global Bass vibrations.  Weird out, tune in, and saddle up.  It’s gonna get bumpy.  A lot of folks think of mellow, pussy-ass shit when they think “Global Bass”.  We’re here to show you that they are wrong.  Entirely.  While in the past Global music has been tagged as a homogeneous, opiated downer, times have changed.  Genres like Moombahton, Zouk, Favela Trap and more are popping up all the time lately, and with increasing frequency.  We at Arntre see this happening, and are coming at it with full support to these genre (and ground) breaking artists.



Check this Funk Carioca tune from the homeys Carlos Nunez & Kaio AC.  It comes in hard, trapped out, and dangerous.  Zap!


Whatever this next one is, it def. fits the criteria.  Tropical, and obviously a banger.  Wait…Was that a Hardstyle drop?  Oh, snap!  It’s Rathero!

And what would the world of Tropical/Global Bass be without the one, the only Mr. Neki Stranac.  Did someone say lasers?  PEW PEW!


Steezie Wonder Might just kill you with this one, like…#DEAD.  Footwork and Jungle are his specialty, and he’s here on Arntre now to show you why.  Get it.  Get it like you’re in a tropical jungle running from dudes with AK-47s.  Run, sucka!


And now, we get Tribal, by way of the good good 13th Tribe and The Apple Juice Kid.  How is it so conscious and hot at the same time?  Do yourself a favour: listen and find out.


As a little added bonus for getting to the bottom of the post, visit the store and use the promo code “TROPICAL” to get 20% off the price of anything in the store!  Don’t forget; if you want your sounds featured on Let’s Get Tropical, send ’em over to misterluke@arntrela.com

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