Top 5 Moombahton tracks of 2013


1) Munchi – El Desaparecido

This track was featured on a release called “Moombahton is Dead”. The whole release was really good it was hard to pick only one track from this release, but Munchi is the man and this track is just so good.

2) Ricky Vaughn & Kid Cedek – La Vida es Duro ft. Bebo

This joint just shows how much moombahton has evolved. It’s a complete mind blowing experience hearing this tune for the first time. Also, Ricky Vaughn being that dude to absolutely kill it this year!  Kid Cedek also being a part of this allows me to give some shine to the dude, he’s one of those hardworking cats out there right now. Plus the random hard-style stuff at the end of this is weird. Still hot though!

3) 2DEEP & Corrupted Data – Twerk it out

Man. This goes hard! Corrupted Data’s sound is very prominent in this tune, but the swag, THE SWAG, comes from 2DEEP. Hahah nah just kidding, this track is fire though, mos def one for the books!

4) Valentino Khan & ETC!ETC! – Eat It!

VK and ETC!ETC! are perverts for this one. This is what moombahton is about though, right? Women being complete sucias? YUP. Nah, jk, aside from the sexy concept behind this track, its one to make the dancefloor go crazy for years to come.

5) Happy Colors & Locomotive – Vamos a Darle Duro

Yo! These dudes right here, are the future of moombahton. They’re the present. They’re the past. Hahah, for real though, this track one of the dopest as well this year.

Wish we could include more tracks but these are some of our top 5 for 2013!

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